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Durban Poison ZA™ and THC, Transkei Health Care are not for profit; mandated by President Nelson Mandela. Our mission is economic empowerment of the poorest regions of South Africa. We empower by assisting growers and producers of all cannabis (Weed) and related products within Africa and marketing worldwide, this ensuring both purchaser and seller a fair price. Besides our grass roots endeavors we are setup and enabled to promote any and all cannabis related business subject to your turnover being less than ZAR 1 million South Africa Rands per month at no cost! For those entities who do not qualify, for a nominal annual change you too can list your company (Corporate Identity) Including logos, pages, products, blogs etc. On at least 3 websites and multiple social media platforms including the (Official) SA Cannabis Exchange. The SA Marijuana Exchange and The International Cannabis Exchange, this besides our branded sites and platforms. 
Take advantage of our Free advertisements thus making your business global. our combined readership is over 80% is global from the USA, Canada. Asia etc.           

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