Transkei Poison™ (Generic Durban Poison ZA)

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SKU: Transkei Poison™ (Generic Durban Poison ZA)
Notice of Transfer of Ownership
DPGZA Durban Poison Group ZA™ (Official) is in the process of being transferred to the Durban Poison Co-op. know locally as the Dagga Co-operative (Dagga Co-op.)

Membership of the Dagga Co-op. Legal name: Durban Poison Co-op. includes ownership of shares in the Co-op. BEE & CEE as your membership is granted you automatically receive shares of All IP intellectual property.

DPGZA Durban Poison Group ZA™ HQ: Durban Poison Estates™ City: Durban, (Province) KZN. Kwa-Zulu-Natal, South Africa.

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All products including cannabis (Agriculture) & textiles. Consumer products. Weedoids (Weed Steroids) with or without controlled ingredients whether natural or synthetic.

MCC 'Medical Control Council' of Southern Africa

Currently, and continue to be the authority on all natural or synthetic consumer products (Pharmaceuticals)

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A misconception of the term ‘Poison’ used to describe a toxic substance used during the Boer & Anglo Boer wars by Zulu Warriors. While it is true ‘the spear’ may have contained a substance that would poison (harm) or kill if this active ingredient entered the bloodstream. This is not nor has any bearing. 

Head Office:

Durban Poison Group ZA™ Durban Poison Estates™ Durban, KZN. 'KwaZulu-Natal' (ZA) South Africa. Official Websites: l

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